Adding Words Of Comfort


Aurora Colorado
Aurora Colorado (Photo credit: Ed Clemente Photography)


There is little that can be said or done at this time. I am trying only to open my heart and blog to those impacted, however peripherally, by the massacre in Aurora Colorado. I truly feel heartbroken for the victims and their families, and offer my hand in friendship.


While they work out all that must be done, it cannot be ignored that many children will have been struck hard by the making of a movie they really wanted into something they can hardly bear thinking about. It will take all of our calm thoughts to make sure we tell our children not to let the actions of a madman impact their feelings and their joy in movies. This is a hard thing to do, but in all fairness, the madman must be named.


In older times, when a person broke societal rules so egregiously, he or she was shunned. Never to be looked at, spoken to, spoken of again. While sometimes I think that is a little harsh, in this case, I feel it is totally appropriate. If we take the instant celebrity out of these people, there will be less attraction to this sort of action, don’t you think?


Well, with nothing of any importance to say, simply I am sorry and please let me know if I can help.




2 thoughts on “Adding Words Of Comfort

  1. Such sadness. For everyone. When do we begin a national conversation about the need for community “attachment?” When we are able to nurture and guide our children into fully human and humane adults, perhaps we can tackle the next conversation about weapons of mass destruction. Thanks for your kind words–Barb

    1. I am in such agreement with you, Barb. We need to ensure our children are not only a part of the human experience, but realize they must be humane as well. It is a mix not easily explained, but necessary. Thanks for your remarks!

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