I Need Your Help!

now why on earth do we need universal backgrou...
now why on earth do we need universal background checks for gun purchases? (Photo credit: idropkid)

I have been working on supporting the President’s agenda on Gun Control. The Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort, (WAVE) is one of the organizations helping with this, and I am helping them. While I know that not all people agree with President Obama completely, most do  agree on universal background checks. I have created three petitions for our legislature that reflect the three highest points of keeping our streets safe.

The first is Universal Background Checks. Anyone who has purchased a gun from a store has gone through a background check. It will help keep guns away from those who really have no business having one.

Universal Background Checks please sign here to support.

The second is to make harsher penalties for gun runners. Harsher penalties will reduce the number of guns being sold out of the back of a car or truck, thus reducing the criminality involved.

Harsher Penalties for Gun Traffickers sign here to support tougher penalties.

Finally, the third is to reduce the number of bullets in an automatic’s clip, and to reduce the types of automatic weapons sold. There is limited use for these weapons.

Reduce Number of Bullets in Clip/Types of Weapons please sign here to support this ban.

I realize that not everyone approves of all of these, but I am willing to agree to agree on one or any one. So please, give us a hand in making our streets safer for everyone!



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