The Arcade Of Awesomeness!

Many people know that I spend much of my time babysitting my grandchildren. At ages 9, 8 and 2, and all boys, they can be both a handful and a delight. This week during the heat wave and very high humidity, I learned a valuable lesson from them that I won’t forget for a long time.

We are not financially “set” in many regards, and have very few water toys. We have no pool. What we do have is a huge assortment of water cannons and guns, two massive washtubs, and a sprinkler. One day the boys came racing in to tell me they were “creating” a game for the baby and his friends. (The closest friend is 5, but the idea was there.) They had my permission, raced back out of the house and began setting up. Several hours later they came back in the house, wet, refreshed, and laughing together.

As they showed me how the games worked, (basketball into a tub, hose play, water balloons, gun games, etc.) they explained that you would complete one task/game before moving on to the next. That way there would be no problems with taking turns. Their vision grew and they created a poster for the games as well. Needless to say, I had to let them put it in the front yard for the 4th of July. What delighted me the most was the name of this adventure.

Isaac and David‘s Water Arcade of Awesomeness!

How could you not have fun there? Sometimes when we go to extra efforts to make something happen, we are reluctant to take the credit we have earned. I now know it is perfectly fine to accept awesomeness at any time. You don’t need money or “things” for that. Just the belief that you are making it so.

The Arcade Of Awesomeness!